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Patti Andrich
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Keynote Speaker - Patti Andrich

Patti Andrich, MA, OTR/L, COVT is a therapist, consultant and guest lecturer.  She is well known for work in vision development, sensory integration, and her model of Neuro-Sensory Motor Maturity.  

Keynote presentation: 

Building Sensory Motor Foundations Through Vision Therapy  

This interactive lecture will provide insight into the process of Neuro-Sensory Motor Maturity as it relates to the emergence of vision.  Key concepts will include the role that primitive reflexes play in Skeffington’s Anti-Gravity circle.  Participants will gain further understanding into the role that primitive reflexes play in establishing connections between vision and our other senses; including our tactile, auditory, proprioception, and vestibular senses.  

Examples, demonstrations, and videos will be provided to share methods that facilitate the maturation of the nervous system that results in improved visual functioning, higher levels of motor control, sensory modulation, emotional regulation and greater understanding of our world.  Participants will have the opportunity to experience powerful tools that vision therapists can use to make neurological connections between sensory and motor neurons, with their very young to older patients.  Additionally, novel, fun and engaging vision therapy activities will be presented so that the participants can immediately apply concepts learned in their next VT sessions.


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