Check-in Procedure

As per standard hotel policies and procedures delegates will be required to provide credit card details upon check-in. This is to cover any incidental charges incurred during your stay and all remaining unpaid room nights.


The hotel will place a hold on your credit card for an amount which covers all unpaid accommodation nights reserved plus a daily amount for incidental charges. Any money still held on your credit card by the hotel once you have settled your account and checked out will be released.


If you will be settling your accommodation account by cash you will be asked to pre pay for your accommodation in full when you check-in plus a cash deposit to cover incidentals that may be incurred during your stay. Should you not utilise any incidentals during your stay the cash deposit, for incidentals only, will be refunded to you by the hotel upon check-out.

Please note the daily incidental charge may vary across the listed hotels.


Daily Incidental Charges

Please note the daily incidental charges the hotel will hold on your credit card may vary across the listed hotels.  Should you wish to confirm the amount that will be held against your card, please enquire with your hotel during check-in.


Late Arrivals / No Shows

Please indicate when you register, or notify the ICBO 2018 Congress Managers in writing, if you will arrive at your hotel after 18:00 hours. Failure to do so may result in your room being treated as a no-show and being released.


Check in / check out times

Check in time for most hotels is 15:00 hours and check out time is 11:00 hours. Should you wish to guarantee your check-in before 15:00 hours, you will need to pre-book and pay for the previous night. If you wish to guarantee a late check-out you will need to book for the next night.


These additional nights can be booked at the time of making your reservation. Alternatively, if you have already made your accommodation booking, you can request the additional nights by advising the ICBO 2018 Congress Managers in writing.